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Proud to be a central ranger!

This page will be used to provide Central specific information for all grade levels.


New Practice space

We are very pleased to announce to our Central families that once school begins, practices this year will be held at Central Middle School.

As many of you know, last year's practices were moved quite often due to practice space being very limited at CHS.  Mr. Udell, the High School Athletic Director worked in partnership with our program to give us the best space possible. However, High School sports take priority over our program, as it should be, and we found ourselves displaced often.

We worked to secure a permanent space for our Central youth cheer squads at Central Middle School and will be assigned a gym to practice in.  We could not be happier with this development and hope you are all too.

Please note, your coaches will be coming from their own Varsity practice at CHS. There will be at least one coach there to greet the girls and the rest will arrive shortly thereafter.  Please be timely if you are the parent chaperone. You will be essential to a smooth and on time practice start.

Drop off and pick up will be at the furthest door on the left side of the building by the Cafeteria.  When practice is completed, girls will exit the Gym and find you in the lobby by the Cafeteria to leave.

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central Ranger chant list

Click HERE for a downloadable/printable version of the FHC Ranger Chant list.