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Here are answers to a few FAQ that we've had over the past few seasons. Have a different question? Feel free to contact us by clicking the envelope in the upper right corner and filling out the form.  We will reply as promptly as possible!

  • When do Summer Practices start? Where?
    • Summer practices start on Tuesday, August 14 from 10 am to noon.  All teams will practice together at Forest Hills Northern High School on the track of the stadium. All cheerleaders must have their hair pulled back away from their face and be wearing shorts, t-shirt and cheer shoes for practice.
  • Are Summer Practices required?
    • Yes. During the summer sessions, stunting groups are established and position placement occurs. If a cheerleader is not in attendance, their placement in a stunt group will be limited. We understand that summer vacations are an important element of every family and that some circumstances are unavoidable. Your child will not be prohibited from cheering if they are absent, but your understanding of the safety and necessity of attendance during these times is appreciated as it relates to stunt groups.
  • Does FH Cheer attend a summer camp?
    • Our 78ers (7th and 8th grade teams) have the opportunity to attend a one day camp with Victory Cheer in July.  This is not mandatory, but it is an incredible experience and we encourage you to consider sending your child. 78er parents will be given more information soon. We will register as a team for camp, please do not register on their website.
  • When does Regular Practice start? Where do they practice?
    • For Sideline Season: the week of August 27
      • Central Teams practice at Central Middle School
      • Eastern Teams practice in the Great Hall of EHS
      • Northern Teams practice in the Commons of NHS
    • For Competitive Season: tbd
      • The combined 7th/8th grade Competitive Team practices at Central Middle School.
  • What does the FH Cheer fee cover?
    • Uniform use (includes FH Cheer jacket, shell and skirt, equipment bag and poms). You are responsible for providing your own shoes, socks, bodysuit and lolies/spanx. *we are still in the process of determining uniform selections for boys.
    • Hair Bow for girls
    • FHPS Building Use Fees
    • End of the Season Certificates/Awards
    • Insurance Fees
    • Administrative/Operating Costs
    • * Competition Entry Fees during Competitive Season
    • *Coaching Fees during Competitive Season
  • Who do I speak to if I have a question?
  • How do I measure for and choose the proper size for my daughter's uniform?
    • Our uniforms come from GTM and the following are their measuring recommendations and size charts. Uniforms fit snugly - so if you are concerned, choose a larger size.  Exchanges will be made after uniforms are distributed to ensure that everyone has the best fitting/looking uniform.
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